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Lead Gully Replacement:

This client did not want to spend too much money on their roof as a full replacement roof 

would be needed in the near future. 

The lead gully was split and needed renewing. 

Unfortunately, the neighbour had already contracted a roofing company to repair the roofing problem. They misdiagnosed the leak and charged £700 just to paint a roofing sealant over the lead valley, which wasn’t leaking and took them less than an hour to complete.

When I got onto the roof there were some recently broken tiles on the roof, which I can only presume came from the recent roof activity.

The neighbour in question expressed some deep frustration when he discovered my hourly rate of just £75 with no call out charge. 

Repeatedly saying he wished he new me just two 

weeks ago after being ripped of by a rogue roofer.

I proposed to re new the gully with new ply decking and Polyroof 185 fibreglass system, which includes a twenty year insurance backed guarantee on 

labour and materials.

Whilst I was on site I overhauled the clay tiled valley. 

I discussed straightening and replacing all the broken tiles but as I was working on an hourly rate my client just wanted it tidied up.

My estimated price with scaffolding, labour and materials was £1700 when I completed the work based on my hourly rate the total was only £1250 

saving the client £450.